Why Disqus for comments?

12. mars 2012 /// /// Brukervennlighet, In English, SoMe

disqus-logo-light-21So, today I have added Disqus to my little blog here, since some of the topics I’ll be bringing up in the near future would be great to get some feedback on.

I have used Disqus for several client projects now, also in CMS’s that comes with comments out of the box.

Why Disqus?

  • Has full integration with different social media accounts. That means you can comment using for example your Twitter account or your Facebook account – or even comment as a guest.
  • Works about anywhere. It’s seriously easy to integrate with WordPress. You can import existing comments into Disqus and sync up your data. All data is completely portable and can be exported at any time.
  • Comes with dozens of different languages. Even Norwegian.
  • Shows reactions by collecting Tweets, mentions, and other reactions from around the web.
  • SEO friendly + Adapts CSS from the rest of your site.
  • Mobile commenting. Comes with a mobile friendly look.
  • It’s also free.

Why not Facebook comments?

For a while Facebook comments seemed like a great way to get people to comment. Now, I find that people don’t always want to use their Facebook profile for all sorts of things. For me my Facebook profile is for private stuff, while I use my Twitter profile for work stuff.

Why not standard CMS’s comments?

People like social medias, and they like getting more friends, followers and what ever it’s called. Discus associates a comment with whatever the commenter choose to comment as.

You welcome to try Disqus on this blog-post – and feel free to actually discuss Disqus!