Those really cheap websites

3. juni 2012 /// /// Business, In English

Your website reflects your brand as well as the value of your products or service.

It’s no secret that you can get up and running with a website for your company in a few hours, for 5$ a month, or even for free if you don’t mind ads. If you run a company, chances are you get emails on a regular basis offering you the cheapest website in the world, delivered 5 minutes ago. Even Google offers free sites.

There are also hundreds of websites offering free templates and a one-click WordPress install. Then you are on your own and will have to use precious hours of your own work time (or spare time, even worse) to try and work out the rest.

By setting up a website for your company on your own, you can harm your brand’s identity. A template is designed to sell as many copies as possible. No designer has made the effort to learn about you, your company’s goals or researched your competitors. No designer has truly cared solving your business challenges on the web, and no designer has been there to give you those ideas, tips and advices that would have made your website affordable – not cheap.

Will your brand be better off with one of those really cheap websites or a affordable value-for-money website?

Perhaps this “good, fast, and cheap” philosophy goes for all things in life:


Also, I’m going to have to write a follow-up called “Those really, REALLY expensive websites”.