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    Thoughts on the responsive web process

    It’s been 2 years since the way I work with websites as designer and web developer got revolutionized. Responsive web design took me by storm, and it became a competitive advantage to know in an industry where being up-to-date is essential.

    5. juni 2013

  • In English /// SoMe

    Have you met Instagram and Pinterest?

    As a business, you should have a strategy for each social media, and it is important to ask how social media helps to achieve corporate goals and how it will strengthen the company. Most importantly, perhaps: Are your customers there?

    27. september 2012

  • Business /// In English

    Those really cheap websites

    Your website reflects your brand as well as the value of your products or service. It’s no secret that you can get up and running with a website for your company in a few hours, for 5$ a month, or even for free if you don’t mind ads. If you run a company, chances are…

    3. juni 2012

  • Brukervennlighet /// In English

    Horizontal websites – Loved by some, hated by many

    The mouse was designed for vertical scrolling. A horizontal website is hard to scroll. As a result, the majority of websites scroll up and down. Some of us has a four-way scrolling mouse and a 27″ widescreen monitor, but don’t you dare assume that all of your website’s users has the same privilege.

    14. april 2012

  • Brukervennlighet /// In English /// SoMe

    Why Disqus for comments?

    Why not standard CMS’s comments? People like social medias, and they like getting more friends, followers and what ever it’s called. Discus associates a comment with whatever the commenter choose to comment as.

    12. mars 2012